2nd week of school

As we all know, school for students is really not that fun, but for me it is exciting. I missed all of my friends, and missed writing lots of lessons in my notebook. There’s too many changes in school. Some teachers left the school but there’s new teachers too. I was expecting that this school year will be fun, but it was not like what I was expecting. New teachers are really strict and gives us lots of things to do which is really embarrassing, but it was quite good that teachers being strict helps us students to listen and be attentive in class. Sometimes, me and my best friend thinks that the reason why they give us hard assignments is because they are just freshly graduated from college so they adapt the things their professor ask them to do. It was quite a bit help for us because they were like training us for our future in college for us to be ready in things that our prof’s will ask us to do. I just hope that we’ll have an unforgettable school year this year and may God bless us all students and teachers. 🙌


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