Stressful week

Do you know how it feels to report three times in a week? This week was so stressful. Monday, my friend told me that our Filipino teacher is asking me to report on Tuesday with my best friend. I was a bit confused at first because I thought we will tackle it on third quarter, but my best friend said that it was changed. Maybe I wasn’t listening that time my teacher announce the changes. So me and my best friend decided that she’ll do the visuals and I will stand up in front of the class and explain the report, but it didn’t happen. What happened is we just stood up in front of the class and we just read and explained the report. Our teacher was a bit disappointed because we didn’t even have our visuals or anything. The reason is, my best friend’s mother doesn’t allow her to bring their laptop and me as well. We tried to borrow a laptop from our classmates but they can’t bring it too. Luckily, our teacher gave us another chance to report on Thursday.

Wednesday, we had our history class. While we are listening to the reporter, my friend touched me with a fingertip and said “You were about to report after her right?” and I was really really shocked and my heart was beating so fast. I forgot that I have a report that Wednesday. I was so scared that my teacher will scold me just because I didn’t bring my report, but he didn’t get angry and gave me a chance to report on Thursday. So I feel relieved.

Thursday, the day that i’ll perform two of my reports. I was a bit excited and a bit nervous, but with the help of my prayer and with the help of God, I finished all of my reports and explained it well.

Friday was a tiring day because we did our aerobics in the morning. All high school students are not dancing including me. So what the teachers did, they let the grades one to six students to sit first and watch high school students to do the aerobics. All of us was a bit shy at first but we still dance with our advisers. After the aerobics, we started our P.E class with my adviser and we are all so sweaty. Even thought this week was a very stressful week, God still blessed us. That’s all for this weekly journal and hope you have a nice day.


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