Hooray its holiday!

Because I posted my third weekly journal late, I will be posting my fourth one early. It was holiday today so why not post my journal now?

Argh, I am so annoyed! Know why? It is because of all the projects that my teachers are giving us. It was all so hard and too many that I don’t even know where to start. Thank God I have three days to prepare and do those projects. We also have a quiz on Wednesday in history class. Even thought it was still on Wedneday, I still bring my history book with me so that I could review while taking good care of my grand father. I have no interest when it comes to talking about the history, its just that it was so boring like why do I have to know such things? Why do I have to know where and how all the civilization started. But because of my new teacher, I became interested already because he was really good in teaching. Even the other things that are not related in his major subject, he could still emphasize it to us. He even shared some stories in his college life. Why am I suddenly talking about my history teacher? Oh well sorry. Also, there is this issue about the cctv camera in our class room. We were all so confused because why do we have a cctv in our room? And the most annoying thing is that we are the only ones who had a cctv camera in all grade levels! Why is that! Its like they are telling us that we are not trust worthy and no one should believe in us. But someone told us that they put that cctv not to spy us but to make sure that we are not doing anything on our aircon. 

I find this week a bit boring and stressful as always. But then God always bless us so we should always thank and praise him. Even though we are facing problems and stresses, we should always think that God is just testing us, we should not give up. Stay strong to those who are having a hard time in school and for those who don’t well congratulations. Hope you’ll all have a nice day and God bless. 🌾


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