Late Weekly Journal 3

Hoho posting my weekly journal late! 😁 I was just busy so that I wasn’t able to post my journal three on time. This weekly journal was about our first week of July. This week was fun because Monday, we had our regular class but classes were cut on Tuesday due to heavy rains. It was flooding outside our school so students started having problems on how will they go home. Lots of us don’t have a slippers for us to be able to walk on the flood, like duh we can’t walk on it wearing our shoes. I don’t even have my umbrella with me but then me and my friend go to my other friend’s house. Classes were suspended from Wednesday to Friday. It was like having a Semester break. Imagine, we don’t have classes for five days. I lied around my bed while surfing the internet and inhaling the cold but not so fresh air.  Reading books while eating some snacks. Ugh that week was so relaxing. Hoping I could bring back those times. That’s all for this weekly journal. Have a nice day and God bless you always 🙌🏻


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