Fifth Journal

Hello Guys! haha okay Nothing special happened in this week. We just had a normal week but there are some changes that I think will happen. Our project in English was to post a blog every week, for us to be able to do that, of course we should create an account here in WordPress. Posting a blog here every week for me was fun. It was like telling a story to a mute friend. I don’t just post journals but I also post things that I wanted to share to the world. In short, I really enjoyed using this website. But then my English teacher was about to resign. Everyone felt sad about it. Even me, I felt so sad about her leaving the school. I will be sad because she won’t be our English teacher because for me she is a good teacher and she always make everything easy for all the students. She always exerts lots of effort just because she don’t want any students to fail in her class. I am not complementing her here or what just because I know she will soon read this. I’m being honest here. Another this that makes me sad is that posting here in WordPress would be useless cause she won’t need to check our posts.

She was absent in Thursday I think for a unknown reason. So we had a substitute teacher and it was our prettiest principal woop woop haha! We are all annoyed because the way she treated us was like we are all kids. She gave us an activity which what we need to is to construct a sentence. She gave us some words that we need to use in a sentence which we thought that activity was not for us because its to childish. But we have no right to complain huehue. She also told us that they are planning to put cctv’s in all the classrooms in the school.


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