Weekly Journal 6

Ugh, I always find it hard to remember things that happened in each week. I always remember like three things that happened to me. Well I’m already lucky if I remembered five or more things.

I received a lot of complement this week about my height, which is good huehue. Well I felt happy because of that. We all know that I’m not that tall, well its okay, I’m still beautiful haha. We also had a nutrition week so we had a not so long program. Of course, if there is a program, students would bring their Ipad or cellphones or what so ever. It was so boring for me cause all we did was just watch grade school students dance and sing their own jingles. After that, our science teacher asked high school students to stay. We are all confused and we kept on thinking on what we have done. Then our science teacher scolded us about our attitude while the program was going on. She said that we are all focused on our gadgets and some of us are texting in front of her. (not literaly in front of her duh) So she asked other teachers to confiscate all the gadgets especially those who don’t have a permission to bring a gadget. I have to be honest here. I admit that I didn’t surrender my Ipad because I was a bit scared that no one of my guardians would get it for me. Well they still bring it back to the owners of the gadgets. 

So thats all I remembered within this week so I hope you all have a good day and God bless you. Spread love people. :*


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