Journal Seven

Here we go again. I don’t remember even one single thing that happened this week. Why am I always like this? Nevermind, let me just try to remember things that happened this past few days.

Monday was just a normal day, i think? Haha My friend told me that she might be absent on tuesday because she’ll be having her check up. So I felt a bit sad about it bacause i’ll be lonely while I’m in the classroom and also I felt sad and hoping she would be okay. But the day after monday, she was present! So I felt happy about it. By the way, This week was very very very very stressfull! I know I mentioned a lot of ‘very’ because it really is. I think, all of us high school students are lack of sleep and staying awake just to do our projects especially on our AP subject. We need to make a magazine that is about anything that is related to the History. We were putting a lot of effort in our project and hoping that we’ll get a grade that is one hundred. The deadline was supposed to be on Thursday but thankfuly our AP teacher moved it so the deadline would be on friday. We felt very happy about it because we have a lot of projects that we needed to pass on friday. That project was the most hardest thing that I’ve ever done in my life. Yes, seriously it was. I also go in my friend’s house to do our research for our project. Wednesday, my friends told me that they would be absent on Thursday because they will do some important . Okay I’ll be lonely again but it wasn’t what I was expecting. There some people who I am with during Thursday and they come with me and I didn’t felt lonely. Thank God theres this kind of people.


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