Study now, Love later

Here I am again, posting another blog. I was inspired by my friend Andee (Click to check her blog site out)  to continue my blog since she started continuing hers too. This blog would be my first post again. 

I will be talking about this video that I watched awhile ago about a teen girl who is like desperate for her man’s love. Like wth! She kept on crying as if she will die without that boy named ‘jimboy’. Some of her friends are laughing about her because of the way she acts. She kept on saying “ano pa ba pag kukulang ko” ; “Pati pamilya ko kinakalaban ko para sa kanya” or what did she do wrong for him to flirt with other girls on facebook. One of her friends slapped her just to make her stop but she didn’t. I laughed at first but then I observed that all of them in that video are so thin. I thought “Is this true love for her to go gone wild?” ; “Is this worth crying for?” ; “Why don’t they just find a job so that they will have something to eat.”

Well, that’s my observation, don’t get me wrong because I’m not judging them by their looks.You know those people who are called here in the Philippines jeje? That’s what I think they are hehe. I just thought that why don’t they just focus on something more important like studying or looking for a job? right? It’s too early for love. We should study first because that thing called Love? It will find a way in the
right time. So STUDY NOW, LOVE LATER.




4 thoughts on “Study now, Love later

  1. This is really touching and super empowering. Sometimes finding your work life and love life balance just means prioritizing your work. That’s what makes a strong woman a strong woman. You go! Hope we can support each other.

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