My Christmas Party 2015.

December 19 2015, Christmas Party in my school. I don’t know why I am talking about yesterday’s Christmas Party but I just feel like I want to share you guys what happened yesterday. So I am like doing a journal this Sunday.

First thing that I want to talk about is my outfit. Should I call it outfit of the day though it’s yesterday’s ootd? nah. I wore a black and white off shoulder top that my mom bought me and a dark blue pants that my mom also got me. I used my sister’s shoes because why not and I also used my mango sling bag.


yesterday‘s outfit

I went to school at 7:35 I guess and got there at exactly 8:00. At first I found it really boring because few of my classmates attended the party. And I feel like my adviser is worthless, why? he’s not even inside of our room to guide the party. He is outside doing what he is doing. I can’t even see him as our adviser because I just think that he is not worth it. He can’t even teach properly, no, he doesn’t even teach. Everyone in that room was idle. But then, here comes the speaker. My classmates decided to have some loud music to eliminate the silence and boredness.  While having that loud music around the room,  one of my classmates turned the lights on and off so we look like we are in a bar or something, they closed the lights and opened their cellphone’s flashlight and wave it in the air. We jumped and jumped while drinking some Ice tea (some drinked alcohol). 

After that party, everyone has their own plans. Most of them are planning for a swimming. But I wasn’t allowed to go in their for some reason. My mom said that I’ve got to go home after that party but I just can’t accept the fact that I’ll be going home already while my classmates are going somewhere. So I texted my granny and ask her to tell mom that I’ll be going to my friend’s house (di ko kasi alam number ni mommy). But I wasn’t really going to my friend’s house. We went to sm san lazaro, yes I lied.  When we are in the mall, we asked each other what are we going to do. We decided to watch a movie, a horror movie. So, we are on our way to the ticket station to buy some tickets of course but we didn’t know that it is R16 means audience must be sixteen years old to be able to watch the movie but some of us are just fourteen. So we went to the other side of the cinema to try again if we could watch the film. We planned everything, we even said that we are already sixteen. In the end, we are still not allowed to watch it. We decided to just eat in Big Scoop. I ate vanilla ice cream and it taste so good. After eating we go to the arcade and decided to rent a karaoke for 30 minutes, but all the karaoke rooms are full so we go to the Game zone and sing there while the boys are playing NBA 2k16. After singing, one of my friend saw the 5D and we asked the operator how much was it. Since it’s just fifty pesos, we all payed for it since we find it very exciting. We chose the ‘evil inferno’ because the operator said that it’s the most thrilling one so we go for it. We kept on shouting while the clip was playing but we enjoyed it. After that, My friend rented the xbox in the game zone and they danced. After all the dancing session,  we already went home at 5:00. 

I don’t know if you like reading journals but I just want to share what happened yesterday. Thanks for taking your time reading this Journal. 




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