New Year’s Resolution

Yay! It’s year 2016 tomorrow! *woop woop* Gosh I’m so excited! Lol lahat naman siguro. 2016 is another year for us to deal with. There will be new problems, friends, happy memories and more new stuffs. We sometimes decide to make a New Year’s Resolution though we know that we won’t be able to do them. Most of those new year’s resolution are meant to be unfulfilled. But I will still do my best to do my 2016 resolution since it’ll be a fresh start for everybody.  Today, I just want to share you guys some of my random new year’s resolution. 

new year.jpg

First things first, I want to become more confident and take some chances because I suddenly thought of the opportunities that I lost. I suddenly thought that why didn’t I just grab it? Why am I thinking of what will people think of me? There are too many questions in my mind. Now that I realize that opportunities lost in a blink of an eye and regret last for a lifetime. So always remember guys that when there is an opportunity, don’t hesitate and just grab it, because once you lost it, you will regret it forever. 

Second, I will try to devote some of my time in the library. Since I am really not that good when it comes to English grammars, I will spend some of my time in our school library during breaks when I am free or when I don’t have anything to do. I will read some novels in there with my friends. The only problem is that, our school library doesn’t seem like a school library at all because most of the little student’s plays and eat inside since we currently don’t have a school librarian. But we will see what me and my friends can do about it. 

Third, I want to lose some belly fats.  I know I’m not that fat but I just can’t stand seeing my belly like this. It’s like carrying a belt bag full of coins. 

Fourth, I want to start saving money but base on my experience, when I try to save some money, four days or one week after saving, I will lose it. I tell you, that happens every time I try to save my money maybe because I’m an negligent and careless person. Also when I say I’ll save money, I will just put it in my purse and carry it with me but since I am a careless person like I said a seconds ago, I tend to lose it, many times. Whatever happens, I will still save my money but now, I will put it in a coin bank so I won’t lose it. 

coin bank.jpg

Fifth, I will learn how to control my emotions. Uncontrolled anger can get you into a lot of trouble and it won’t give you any advantages. 

Sixth is to face my fears because who doesn’t want to survive in their fears? No one right. 

Seventh is to stop hating myself because that makes everyone crazy. Like why do you have to hate yourself? No one is perfect and no one will be. You should just have to be yourself and never think of what will people think of you. Don’t mind them, let them judge you. All you have to do is to care less.  You are who you are, be who you want to be. 

Eighth is to stop drinking soda. Everyone knows how unhealthy that drink is but nobody cares because they are yummy and so refreshing. But this 2016, I will do my best to stay away from this unhealthy drinks. To my friends who are reading this, when you hear me saying “I want a soda, I’m so thirsty” you’ve got to detain me or else I won’t be able to stop myself. 

Ninth is to drink more water because I’m always lazy when it comes to drinking water. I just don’t like drinking tasteless drinks. That is also the reason why my lips are always chapped and I always peel it even though it hurts. This is why I’m planning to buy this bottle that I saw from a youtuber. It’s some sort of a bottle that gives you a guide about how much of water will you drink hour by hour. Ugh I can’t explain but that’s it. It’s from a company called Hydratem8.


Tenth is to stop judging other people. Although I know that this last resolution will be the hardest out of all. Maybe it’s not stop judging people, maybe it’s less. That will be hard because you can’t ever stop yourself judging others even though they are not doing anything to you. I will teach myself how to do this one and educate myself by looking at my own behavior or appearance. I will keep this one in my mind that judging can hurt other people. 

So that is all my new year’s resolution. Wishing that I will be able to do all this. May you have a Happy Happy New Year! Thank you again for reading this blog!



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