Entering Youtube Life

Since my recent post disappeared, hindi ko talaga alam kung ano nangyari don. Ang sakit sa heart huhu. Kaya ito I’m making another one but it’s a different topic and it’s about me and my bestfriend’s plan about us entering youtube world. We decided to make a youtube channel where in magkasama kami na gagawa ng videos.

She also have a blog site din pala, click here to see it.

We’ve been dreaming about this thing for years and finally ngayon matutuloy na. Thanks to this tripod that my father bought me, we will be able to film properly :)))) yayy


Pupunta na siya dito sa house namin because we will be making our accounts na like our yahoo account, blog accounts, and other types of accounts. If may sobra pa kaming time then we’ll try to film na para hindi naman sayang yung pag punta niya dito haha. If ever na matuloy yung pag film namin, we will be doing a ‘Q&A’. 

I’m hoping na mag success kami sa youtube and someday maging katulad namin yung mga youtubers na favorite namin like Zoella, Alisha Marie etc. 

So I’ll just update you guys kapag nagawa na namin yung account and I’m also hoping na ikaw na nagbabasa nito ay suportahan kami and isubscribe nadin kami hehe.

Also,  if you don’t mind naman, you can comment down below your suggestion of our channel name because we still don’t have some. 

Thank you for taking time reading this. 

You are blessed! 🙂 



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