[DIY] Eos Lip Scrub

So I wasn’t able to post an article this wednesday since I post three times a week (monday,wednesday, & friday) and I’m sorry for that. I’m out of topic and I feel so lazy hehe. I am also apologizing for having no pictures in this DIY because I don’t have my laptop with me so I can’t transfer the images. But when I already have it with me, I’ll make sure to update this and insert the images so you’ll be able to understand more the procedures and steps.

Just want to let you guys know that I’m currently in to lip products because I used to have dry lips that is why this Friday, we will be making Lip Scrub that is on a eos container obviously but if you guys don’t know what Lip Scrub do with your lips then I got your back because I searched about it and here’s what it does.. 

“They basically get rid of the dead skin/top layer of skin that makes your lips feel cracked and dry. They make your lips soft and silky feeling, make sure to put on a good moisturizing balm on your lips afterwards, too. Also, don’t use it too often or it will make your lips raw and painful to the touch.”

Okay imma shut up now and let’s do the DIY!

You will be needing:

  • Coconut Oil 
  • Sugar
  • Food Color (optional)
  • Eos Lip Balm Container


1. Put 1 spoon of coconut oil into your bowl. Microwave or melt it if your coconut oil is not yet liquefied. (Mine is already so I didn’t have to melt it) 

(I also added some left overs from my eos lip balm because I don’t want to waste it and throw it away but you guys don’t have to if you don’t have eos left overs) 

2. Add in at least 3 spoons of sugar and mix it. 

3. Drop some of your food color into the bowl and mix it again. (I’m using red colored powder)

step 3.jpg

4. Separate the divider of your eos container and start filling the lid of the eos with the lip scrub. After filling the lid, carefully return the divider and add more lip scrub. Then reconnect the lower part of the eos. (I’m sorry if it’s a bit confusing but I know you can do it!)



5. Put it inside the freezer for about 15 to 20 minutes or until it’s already hard and  your done!

___ .. ___

I had so much fun making this and I’m pretty sure you will too. It’s so easy and so quick. 

Take note guys that you shouldn’t use this as often as you want or else you’ll hurt your lips and also, apply some lip balm to your lips afterwards. 

Okay guys thank you for again for reading this blog post and stay tuned for next weeks DIY Friday. mwaps!



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