My name is Alyssa, from the Philippines, Fourteen years of existence in this wonderfully made earth. I was born on May 15, 2001. I am the second child among three children’s which means I always do a lot of stuffs since my siblings are like the bosses.

I am now in the 10th Grade of High school and I have two best friends, Andee and Kyla (They are also bloggers, check their blog site out below this paragraph.) They are my closest friends among all the girls in my school. Maybe because they are the once whom I could entrust my secrets with. 

Andee’s Blog Site

Kyla’s Blog Site

I am really not that good when it comes to my English grammars so taglish ako dito but I’m continuing this blog because I wanted to share my opinions or thoughts about random things to others. So if you spotted some wrong grammars then I apologize, but I will be doing my best.

I like to eat junk foods but I seldom eat vegetables and select the ones I eat. I love watching youtube videos/vlogs maybe because I wanted to know more about people’s lives. I love elephants because they are just so cute, smart and big (we all know that hehe).  I also love singing too, well I think it runs from our blood haha.

(Journals in this blog site are all part of my 1st quarter project in school)




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