Why Philippines stay as one of the poorest country.

As a Filipino, I sometimes think that why is my country stay as one of the poorest country in the world. Of course it is humiliating to think that I live in this country but I’ve got to accept that fact.

There are a lot of reasons why is my country like this. One of those was the Population of the Filipinos. The population of the Philippines is estimated at 100,096,496 as of July 1 2014. What more this coming 2016? You see? Thats the problem, because of that huge number of population, not all those people are capable of living well. Most of that number of population are informal settlers also know as squatters.

Squatter village around Pasig area Manila Philippines.

Squatter village around Pasig area Manila Philippines. (c)

Informal settlers construct houses on lands that the government own. Most of these informal settlers doesn’t have a job that’s why they don’t have any source of income. So what do they do to have a money for them to be able to survive? Well, they search for plastic,bottles,cans etc. or anything that they can sell.   There are some times that these people gets bored. What do you think they do? They make babies! (mga 10 siguro or 12? hahaha) Also, they do this because they lack in educationThat is where their lives go round, they search for garbage, sex, search, sex, and search and sex. Then boom HUMAN POPULATION!

Even when this people work really hard to survive, they are still like trapped in a mouse trap (sounds like a rhyme huh).  But, let’s not blame them for everything. There still someone to throw the blame. Who else? The Government of course. Our corrupt government officials. That is it, you read it right. Corruption is also one of the main reasons. 

And there are moreeee lot of reasons that I have no time for me to tell you everything about it. 

But you know what, I didn’t chose this topic to discredit my own country. In fact, I made this to tell all the people around the world that those problems of my country is not a barrier for me to feel proud by being a Filipino. 


An image of squatters area with three smiling unhealthy kids. (c)

See this picture above? Of course you do. Notice that the smiles of these childrens are almost going to reach their ears. That’s the Filipinos, they are already happy with what they have. They don’t take problems much seriously. We just smile like we have never faced problems. 

Also, not all places here in the Philippines are all squatters area duh haha. There are still a lot of tourist attractions here. 



And a lot more of beautiful places. I also want to say that there is no perfect country in this world. Even the richest country has its own bad sides. The last thing that I want to say is that I AM A PROUD FILIPINO!