Star City 4/15/16

I know it’s already late to post this but i don’t care because I just want to save and share this memory of mine here hehe.

We went to Star City last April 15 after my Sister’s graduation. That day was indeed memorable for me though it’s not my first time going in there. Memorable yung araw nayun sakin kasi yun yung first time kong pumunta don kasama yung mga pinsan ko sa side ng father ko so I just felt like it’s a lot more special unlike before na laging kami lang ng family ko pero masaya padin naman non, mas masaya nga lang pag madami. Also, it’s extra fun because I was able to ride almost all the rides doon kasi parang nakakalakas ng confident sumakay sa extreme rides kapag madami akong kasama.

Here are some random pictures that I captured myself 🙂


And, this was the first ride na sinakyan ko during that time. Everytime na pupunta ako ng star city ito yung una ko lagi sinasakyan. Para siyang yung ride dun sa EK na EK-streme pero mas mababa nga lang, but nandun padin naman yung thrill so ako tong si masaya tili ng tili hahahaha.


with my pretty cousin


I remember that ride naman na sinakyan ko for the first time. Before kasi whenever we go to star city, yung sister ko lang yung may lakas ng loob na sumakay don sa ride nayun but since that day ay kumpleto kami and I’m with my cousins, feeling ko kaya ko sumakay don kahit na hindi ako sure, kahit na nung nakaupo na ako dun sa ride parang gusto ko mag back out but of course I didn’t do that. 

Nung umandar na yung ride, kabang kaba ako kasi may mga part na iikot kami multiple times kaya I made noises para makabawas ng kaba ko na nakatulong naman sakin kahit papano. AND I tell you guys, that ride was insane! (I don’t really know kung anong name nung ride nayun so, mianhe) For those people who loves extreme rides, then you guys should try to visit star city and sumakay kayo dun sa ride na sinasabi ko, outdoor yun 🙂


me, my cousin, my sister, & my sister’s boyfriend


I also rode the Bump Car ride. Grabe that moment when I’m driving at a specific area ng track, someone bumped me at the back without me knowing kaya hindi ako nakapag prepared sa pag iwas sakanya so the tendecy is sobrang nakalog yung head ko and yung batok ko tumama sa likod nung car and I felt a bit dizzy that moment and my head is so frickin’ spinning the hell out of me (i suddenly laughed while typing ‘my head is so frickin’ spinning’ because I imagined my head was literally spinning like I’m possessed) And kung yung unknown person lang nayun ay nababasa tong blog post ko then hi there fella. (even though I don’t really have much readers hehe)


And the last but not the least, I just want to congratulate my sister for graduating in her coarse of ‘BS PSYCHOLOGY’. We may not be close and expressive to each other, I still want her to know that I’m proud of her. Hindi ko sinabi sakanya dahil nga sa hindi kami expressive so I just want to congratulate her here.


That’s all for today’s blog post, I hope you liked it and not felt bored while reading it hehe.

Thanks for reading this blog post. You are blessed! 🙂