I’m turning 15!

   Hooray I’m turning fifteen!! *woop woop*

   And guess what? I still have no plans, at all! YAAY!

I think I’m already use to it, having no plans while my birthday is coming soon. Baka dito nalang siguro ako sa bahay, I’ll just watch random movies or korean dramas/variety shows and eat foods hehe. 

Me and my family usually go out the house and celebrate somewhere or sometimes we go to Laguna and swim there but this past few days, I don’t hear anything from them like ‘why don’t we go to …. or ….. or just …..’ I don’t here things like that. My mom usually decides when and where we will go. I am not the one who’ll decide, yes sad life. But that doesn’t make me sad dahil nga sanay na ko. It’s fine with me not to celebrate my birthday since we are currently having some financial problems but Thank God, we were still able to continue our lives happily and comfortably. 

If my mom would allow me to decide what/where/when/how am I going to celebrate my birthday, I’d love to celebrate with my friends since I have been celebrating my past birthdays with my family.  

Me and my friend Andee are planning to go to Star City (again for me, and yes I’m still not yet tired going in that place *as you may know my recent blog post was about star city hehe*). I’d love to bring my friends there since it’s really fun to go to amusement parks with your friends, specially kapag may kaibigan kang hindi pa nakakapunta sa star city. I would like her to ride all the rides so that she’ll be able to experience it all with me, wow goals.  

BUT, yun ay kung papayagan ako or if my mom would ask me how would I like to celebrate my birthday. If not, then I’ll just hang myself *kidding* I won’t ever do that, I love my boring life! 

If ever na walang maganap or mangyari sa birthday ko, I will still Thank God for giving me another year of life. Blessing nadin yun no, magrereklamo pa ba ko? hahaha of course not. Syempre dapat magpasalamat padin ako no kahit na walang celebration na magaganap I still have my family and friends as a gift from him kaya no need to complain.

And if ever na wala ngang magaganap then tuloy ang chill time ko sa bahay haha lols OR maybe, I will invite my friends nalang here sa bahay and we will chill together forever oopps wala nga palang forever. 

So that is all for today’s blog and I hope you are having a great day spending with your family and friends. Always remember that you guys are blessed! 




Star City 4/15/16

I know it’s already late to post this but i don’t care because I just want to save and share this memory of mine here hehe.

We went to Star City last April 15 after my Sister’s graduation. That day was indeed memorable for me though it’s not my first time going in there. Memorable yung araw nayun sakin kasi yun yung first time kong pumunta don kasama yung mga pinsan ko sa side ng father ko so I just felt like it’s a lot more special unlike before na laging kami lang ng family ko pero masaya padin naman non, mas masaya nga lang pag madami. Also, it’s extra fun because I was able to ride almost all the rides doon kasi parang nakakalakas ng confident sumakay sa extreme rides kapag madami akong kasama.

Here are some random pictures that I captured myself 🙂


And, this was the first ride na sinakyan ko during that time. Everytime na pupunta ako ng star city ito yung una ko lagi sinasakyan. Para siyang yung ride dun sa EK na EK-streme pero mas mababa nga lang, but nandun padin naman yung thrill so ako tong si masaya tili ng tili hahahaha.


with my pretty cousin


I remember that ride naman na sinakyan ko for the first time. Before kasi whenever we go to star city, yung sister ko lang yung may lakas ng loob na sumakay don sa ride nayun but since that day ay kumpleto kami and I’m with my cousins, feeling ko kaya ko sumakay don kahit na hindi ako sure, kahit na nung nakaupo na ako dun sa ride parang gusto ko mag back out but of course I didn’t do that. 

Nung umandar na yung ride, kabang kaba ako kasi may mga part na iikot kami multiple times kaya I made noises para makabawas ng kaba ko na nakatulong naman sakin kahit papano. AND I tell you guys, that ride was insane! (I don’t really know kung anong name nung ride nayun so, mianhe) For those people who loves extreme rides, then you guys should try to visit star city and sumakay kayo dun sa ride na sinasabi ko, outdoor yun 🙂


me, my cousin, my sister, & my sister’s boyfriend


I also rode the Bump Car ride. Grabe that moment when I’m driving at a specific area ng track, someone bumped me at the back without me knowing kaya hindi ako nakapag prepared sa pag iwas sakanya so the tendecy is sobrang nakalog yung head ko and yung batok ko tumama sa likod nung car and I felt a bit dizzy that moment and my head is so frickin’ spinning the hell out of me (i suddenly laughed while typing ‘my head is so frickin’ spinning’ because I imagined my head was literally spinning like I’m possessed) And kung yung unknown person lang nayun ay nababasa tong blog post ko then hi there fella. (even though I don’t really have much readers hehe)


And the last but not the least, I just want to congratulate my sister for graduating in her coarse of ‘BS PSYCHOLOGY’. We may not be close and expressive to each other, I still want her to know that I’m proud of her. Hindi ko sinabi sakanya dahil nga sa hindi kami expressive so I just want to congratulate her here.


That’s all for today’s blog post, I hope you liked it and not felt bored while reading it hehe.

Thanks for reading this blog post. You are blessed! 🙂



Entering Youtube Life

Since my recent post disappeared, hindi ko talaga alam kung ano nangyari don. Ang sakit sa heart huhu. Kaya ito I’m making another one but it’s a different topic and it’s about me and my bestfriend’s plan about us entering youtube world. We decided to make a youtube channel where in magkasama kami na gagawa ng videos.

She also have a blog site din pala, click here to see it.

We’ve been dreaming about this thing for years and finally ngayon matutuloy na. Thanks to this tripod that my father bought me, we will be able to film properly :)))) yayy


Pupunta na siya dito sa house namin because we will be making our accounts na like our yahoo account, blog accounts, and other types of accounts. If may sobra pa kaming time then we’ll try to film na para hindi naman sayang yung pag punta niya dito haha. If ever na matuloy yung pag film namin, we will be doing a ‘Q&A’. 

I’m hoping na mag success kami sa youtube and someday maging katulad namin yung mga youtubers na favorite namin like Zoella, Alisha Marie etc. 

So I’ll just update you guys kapag nagawa na namin yung account and I’m also hoping na ikaw na nagbabasa nito ay suportahan kami and isubscribe nadin kami hehe.

Also,  if you don’t mind naman, you can comment down below your suggestion of our channel name because we still don’t have some. 

Thank you for taking time reading this. 

You are blessed! 🙂 


Change language (taglish)

O yes back to blogging!


I decided to change the way I speak or write my blog in here. Naisip ko na mag tagalog nalang ako or mag taglish nalang so I will be more comfortable. Isa pa hindi naman talaga kasi ako sanay mag english so gamitin ko nalang yung mother tongue ko haha. I just realized lang kasi na hindi ko dapat ginagawa to for me to have a lot of readers, I realized na dapat gawin ko to kasi I want to do it for myself and share my thoughts to you guys. 

So yah, I just want my not so dami followers here na malaman nila to even though alam kong wala naman silang pake haha. 

Ayun lang po. Thank you again for taking time reading this new blog of mine. 

You are blessed 🙂



2016 Gift Giving





2016 has finally begun! I am still so excited about the things that will happen next. Me and my family went to our province and we visited our grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles to give them their gifts. We were so happy to see them smile while opening their presents. They say thank you and even have their speeches. I thank God for giving us another chance to change and seek for his Forgiveness. He will surely accept our apology. Let us all thank him and praise his unending love for us!

Thank you for reading this blog! 🙂


New Year’s Resolution

Yay! It’s year 2016 tomorrow! *woop woop* Gosh I’m so excited! Lol lahat naman siguro. 2016 is another year for us to deal with. There will be new problems, friends, happy memories and more new stuffs. We sometimes decide to make a New Year’s Resolution though we know that we won’t be able to do them. Most of those new year’s resolution are meant to be unfulfilled. But I will still do my best to do my 2016 resolution since it’ll be a fresh start for everybody.  Today, I just want to share you guys some of my random new year’s resolution. 

new year.jpg

First things first, I want to become more confident and take some chances because I suddenly thought of the opportunities that I lost. I suddenly thought that why didn’t I just grab it? Why am I thinking of what will people think of me? There are too many questions in my mind. Now that I realize that opportunities lost in a blink of an eye and regret last for a lifetime. So always remember guys that when there is an opportunity, don’t hesitate and just grab it, because once you lost it, you will regret it forever. 

Second, I will try to devote some of my time in the library. Since I am really not that good when it comes to English grammars, I will spend some of my time in our school library during breaks when I am free or when I don’t have anything to do. I will read some novels in there with my friends. The only problem is that, our school library doesn’t seem like a school library at all because most of the little student’s plays and eat inside since we currently don’t have a school librarian. But we will see what me and my friends can do about it. 

Third, I want to lose some belly fats.  I know I’m not that fat but I just can’t stand seeing my belly like this. It’s like carrying a belt bag full of coins. 

Fourth, I want to start saving money but base on my experience, when I try to save some money, four days or one week after saving, I will lose it. I tell you, that happens every time I try to save my money maybe because I’m an negligent and careless person. Also when I say I’ll save money, I will just put it in my purse and carry it with me but since I am a careless person like I said a seconds ago, I tend to lose it, many times. Whatever happens, I will still save my money but now, I will put it in a coin bank so I won’t lose it. 

coin bank.jpg

Fifth, I will learn how to control my emotions. Uncontrolled anger can get you into a lot of trouble and it won’t give you any advantages. 

Sixth is to face my fears because who doesn’t want to survive in their fears? No one right. 

Seventh is to stop hating myself because that makes everyone crazy. Like why do you have to hate yourself? No one is perfect and no one will be. You should just have to be yourself and never think of what will people think of you. Don’t mind them, let them judge you. All you have to do is to care less.  You are who you are, be who you want to be. 

Eighth is to stop drinking soda. Everyone knows how unhealthy that drink is but nobody cares because they are yummy and so refreshing. But this 2016, I will do my best to stay away from this unhealthy drinks. To my friends who are reading this, when you hear me saying “I want a soda, I’m so thirsty” you’ve got to detain me or else I won’t be able to stop myself. 

Ninth is to drink more water because I’m always lazy when it comes to drinking water. I just don’t like drinking tasteless drinks. That is also the reason why my lips are always chapped and I always peel it even though it hurts. This is why I’m planning to buy this bottle that I saw from a youtuber. It’s some sort of a bottle that gives you a guide about how much of water will you drink hour by hour. Ugh I can’t explain but that’s it. It’s from a company called Hydratem8.


Tenth is to stop judging other people. Although I know that this last resolution will be the hardest out of all. Maybe it’s not stop judging people, maybe it’s less. That will be hard because you can’t ever stop yourself judging others even though they are not doing anything to you. I will teach myself how to do this one and educate myself by looking at my own behavior or appearance. I will keep this one in my mind that judging can hurt other people. 

So that is all my new year’s resolution. Wishing that I will be able to do all this. May you have a Happy Happy New Year! Thank you again for reading this blog!


Noche Buena 015



Now is the time to prepare the foods for later’s Noche Buena. I think Noche Buena is another term for Christmas Eve. The evening consists of a traditional family dinner.  We don’t have that much of food to serve but that’s not important. I am already happy that I’m eating with my family and other loved ones. I’m praying for those people around the streets looking for a corner to sleep or to celebrate the Christmas. I hope that they won’t get sad and blame other for the difficulties that their experiencing. I’m wishing that they will always be happy and realize that they are not alone and they are so much blessed because God loves them. 

May you all guys have a Merry Merry Christmas! Enjoy the day and Always be happy! Thank you for reading this post!