20 Random Facts About Me

Hello Everybody! It is I again. So today’s blog post will be more of a chatty kind of blog. Forgive me if this will be boring for you but feel free not to read it if you don’t want to haha. I am doing this kind of article for those people who are interested and want to know more about me. :))

I just want to remind everyone that I am not perfect and not every people have the same personality or attitude. 

___ .. ___

1.  I don’t eat mayonnaise.

– Frankly, I can eat mayonnaise but I just don’t like the taste and smell of it. Does that make sense? I just hate it that’s it. (If there are some people out here that doesn’t eat mayonnaise like me, please do comment down below)

2. I don’t comb my hair when I’m at home.

 – Is that normal? Is it only me? HAHAHA Well, I feel so lazy just by combing my hair. There might be a reason why I don’t comb my hair and it is because later on, when my hair gets dry already, it will automatically be straight and not messy or tangled. (PS: It’s been one month since my school vacation and since that day I’ve never comb my hair except if  I’m going out somewhere)

3. I love everything that is flavored Green Tea or Matcha.

 – I don’t get it when there are people who doesn’t like foods or drinks that is flavored green tea/matcha. Like why? It’s so delectable! So yummy! Sometimes I think that my body would turn green for eating too much foods that is flavored green tea. 

4. I cry when I look at my cursive handwriting.

 – Yas I know, too childish to be true but ya. This is the reason why I never tried to write in cursive again. (except when I’m in hurry)

5. I don’t smoke.

 – I don’t smoke, I never have, and I never will.  

6. I don’t eat seefoods.

 – The only seafood that I eat is shrimp and four types of fishes.

7. I HATE insects.

 – I’m mostly scared of spiders and bees. Anything that crawls and flies besides airplanes and unicorns.

8. I’m terrified to put my hands or foot out of the boat when we’re at the beach.

 – I sometimes feel like when I dump my hands or foot out of the boat, something will bite me or something will just came up out of there. It bothers me how deep the ocean or sea is. I always feel like there are sharks below our boat and eat us. weird

9. I hate the sound of a flying fly.

 – Do you guys know that feeling when some fly is trying to play with your ear and you’re like having some mini convulsions? I just hate it and I guess everybody does. When I hear that sound, it won’t get out of my mind and it feels like the fly is already inside my ear. Just thinking of the sound makes me cringe already.

10. I can’t sleep without my Hot dog pillows and minion bear. 

 – Everyone knows how it feels like to sleep with a bunch of pillows and bears. Feels like heaven right. 

11. I drank half a bottle of liquid gas before.

 – Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was really thirsty and her nanny gave her a bottle of liquid gas and thought it was water. Thank God I’m still alive. 

12. I don’t like it when people are chasing me. 

 – It creeps me out when someone is running after me and it feels like they are zombies that will eat me.

13. I dislike fatty foods.

 – I don’t eat fatty foods because it’s so yucky and not yummy haha and NOT healthy.

14. I don’t like repeating things.

 – It annoys me to repeat things over and over. Anything that is being repeated is annoying. 

15. I love singing.

 – I can say that this is my talent. Not really a good singer but ya I can sing. It runs from our blood I guess. 

16. I have a big family.

 – I have a big family that I don’t even know some of my cousins. 

17. I want to be a Surgeon someday.

 – A little problem for this ambition is that I’m a bit anxious that I cannot do it and having too many things to memorize is already my problem. And I may pass out when I’m already having a surgery. I may not save the patient though.

18. I love sauteing.

 – When my Grand Mother is about to cook something, I always volunteer to saute the garlic and onions but after that, I already stay out of the kitchen.


 – I’m in love with this food, there’s nothing more to say. 

last but not least..

20. I am obsess with Elephants.

 – I don’t know whats with these animals but they are just so cute and fluffy. Please tell me where to buy baby elephants and I’ll pretend they’re my puppies.

___ .. ___

So those are some random facts about me. I hope you didn’t get bored.  If you relate to some of my facts then comment it down below.

Thank you for reading today’s blog and always remember that you are blessed!