Hey Guys! How are you all?

Last time, I made a DIY Lip Balm , but today I am collaborating with Andee, my best friend hihi. This will be my first time doing a collab. So today, we will be doing ‘The Best Friend Tag’ where we ask each other some questions about our two years of friendship. 

She will be asking me questions about herself and I will be asking her questions about me to test if we really know each other well. I’m kinda excited to do this tag because I want to know if she really know me as I know her.

Let’s Start!

1. What am I mostly scared of?

– When someone is about to share a story about a creepy experience or story, she will close her ears with her fingers and make some noises to avoid hearing it. She will always say that she is alone in their house that is why she doesn’t want to listen.  

2.  What am I allergic in?

– Shrimp / Sea Foods

3. What is/are my favorite food/s?                                                                                        

– Do I need to mention all her favorite food? I am pretty sure that there is no specific food that she like because there are tons of food that she loves to eat and here are the top five: Pizza, Churros, Donut, Chocolates and Fruits.

4. What is/are my favorite drink/s?

– Tss, this is so easy. Of course its her one and only coffee bae. 

5. What is my dream job?

– I am not really sure but I guess its being a photographer. (We both want to be a photographer)

6. Where am I bad at?

– It’s probably controlling her temper! This girl is like a volcano. 

7. What is my favorite song?

– (We were skyping while we are doing this best friend tag and I am struggling to think what her favorite song was because I know that there isn’t, so I asked her what her favorite song is and told her that there isn’t any and she said “I don’t know”. Wow she asked me a question that she  herself doesn’t even know what the answer is too! O God forgive this young lady.)

8. If I could go any place on earth, where would it be?

– South Korea or United States.

9. If I were in Starbucks, what would I order?


10. What happend to me the last time I got sick?

– She kept on vomiting. 


So there you have it, those are all the questions that my best friend Andee gave me. I hope that you guys enjoyed this collab. Click here to see Andee’s answer to my ten questions to about me.

Thank you for reading my blogs and always remember that you guys are blessed! 

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