Mi Quinceanera

Hey guys! Okay, I admit that I’m not that active in here anymore and I apologize for that. I am a little bit busy right now so I have no time to type/write or think of a blog topic. But I’m still doing my best to be active here in word press.

Since my birthday was yesterday, today’s blog post will be about it. Yah I know it might be boring and it’ll obviously be a chatty blog and we’ll be having a story telling today. I still want to post some highlights of what I did and who I am with yesterday.

As I have said to my previous blog (click here if you haven’t read it yet), I was planning to go to star city again with my friend and it turned out that it didn’t happened.
The reality was so far from the my expectations. I went out with the one and only Andee who is my bestfriend as you guys may already know since I’ve already mentioned her here in this blog for a million times already (lol so OA). I decided to just treat her out and we went to Lucky Chinatown since I was near that mall.


We decided to meet in the cinema and we chose what movie we’ll watch later on. We bought our tickets and since the movie will start at 4:30 and the time was still 2:30, we stroll around the mall while waiting. We went to star bucks and my so very kind friend treat me since she has a voucher. We ordered Green Tea Frappucino which is my favorite flavor in the universe. 


We chitchat since we haven’t seen each other for a long time. After all the chitchat, we watched a Chinese movie though we can’t speak that language except ‘ni hao ma’ lols. But it has a subtitle so we go for it. The movie title was ‘Mermaid’. I didn’t expect that I already watched the climax of the movie in Facebook which is annoying! I just spoiled myself, that’s why I felt like I already know the whole story. I can almost feel my friend Andee feel peeved since I already started spoiling her too. There are too many Chinese people watching and we felt a little bit out of place when the movie characters are saying something and they’re laughing and we don’t understand it. So we laughed with them even though we don’t know what’s funny.

And the most unexpected thing is that we were able to see an old member of EXO in the movie which is Kris. We became crazy after we saw him! 😍 We realized that there are other fans inside the cinema because we’re not the only one who reacted. Then everyone is already quite and here we are, still can’t get over about what we saw! We felt so many emotions that we almost cry. Its been a year since he left the group and it’s very sad.

The movie was great. Its genre was comedy fantasy that’s why the cinema was full of laughter. After we watched the movie, we ate some doughnuts at J-co and its very tasty. 


Then we walked,walked,walked until we felt tired so we sat down and suddenly, Andee saw this healthy drink beside us and we checked what’s the content and we found the ingredients healthy so we bought one each for us. She bought the ‘F1’ which contains different kinds of fruits and veggies and I bought the ‘P1’which is mango because I don’t feel like I would like the taste of different kinds of veggies and fruits. It’s called SAP if you guys want to try it out. Its located near the Starbucks in lucky Chinatown.


We didn’t do much stuffs but we both enjoyed the day. After all the happy time, we both decided to part our ways, she’ll be going home and I’m about to have dinner at Max’s Restaurant with my family together with my sister’s boyfriend which is also celebrating his birthday. I was so glad and I didn’t expect that my sister’s boyfriend have something for me and I kinda feel shy that I don’t have one for him.


___ .. ___

This was the simplest birthday I’ve ever had yet its so meaningful and so special for me. I may not have or received lot’s of gift but having my family, friends, loved ones with me is already enough. I am really blessed that I was able to celebrate my day even not in a big way. The most important thing is that I had fun and I felt loved. That’s why my life motto is “To love and be loved” which is so heart empowering. I hope that you guys learned something new through this not so interesting yet happy memory of mine.

Thank you for reading!