[DIY] Scented Candle for Mother’s Day!

Another DIY this Friday! *woop woop* I decided to post different kinds of DIY’s every Friday because I know that you guys love ‘Do it yourself’ stuffs.

Since Mother’s Day is around the corner, this project is a perfect gift for your mudra’s (mothers). And evidently, I will be doing scented candle that is perfect to brighten up the mood of your loving mother. This will be my second attempt since the first one doesn’t smell like coffee (ps: i made coffee scented candle at my first attempt and gave it to my best friend), but I will make sure that this one will be a success.

Also, we will only be needing three ingredients for this diy so it won’t take much of your precious time.  Okay, enough with the rambling, let’s just start this DIY!

You will be needing:

  • Candle (With no scent, obviously)
  • Non-toxic crayon (So that your candle will look appealing. You can use your mother’s favorite color so she’ll like it even more)
  • Perfume or any scent that your mother would love
  • Empty Container

______ .. ______

Reminders: I recommend you guys to use materials that you can throw already after this project. I used plastic fork for mixing so that I can throw it away after I use it because if you will use a stainless fork,  you’ll have a hard time washing it because its covered by candle left overs.  If you’re still young then please ask for some help with someone who’s older than you like your sister or brother, that way you’ll be safe and won’t get yourself burn or something.


1. Prepare your pan with a hot water and heat safe container (I will be using lañera because why not).  We will use the lañera for melting our ingredients.

2. Put the candle inside your heat safe container and wait for it to melt. When it is already melted get the wick from your candle and attach it inside your candle container. Make sure to keep it straight. 

1st pic.jpg

3. Add the non-toxic crayon inside together with the melted candle and mix it.

step 3.jpg

4. When it’s all liquefied, add in the last ingredient which is the perfume. Assure that you put the right amount to avoid your candle having a strong smell or having no smell at all.

step 4.JPG

I remember spraying my perfume for about 15 to 20 times 

5. After all that melting session, prepare your container and pour it carefully.

step 5.JPG

Unfortunately, my candle wasn’t enough for my container so I wasn’t able to fill it.

6. Lastly, wait for your candle to harden. 

Finally, this is our finish product..


You can just customize your candle. You can put your mom’s favorite verse just like what I did.

That’s it! Make sure to give your mom a kiss and hug when you give them this present. I am pretty sure that they will really appreciate your simple effort for her. By this gift that you gave her, she will forget all her worries temporarily. 

Don’t forget to tell your mom that you love her and you are always there by her side. That will surely make her cry later on haha.

Before my outro, I would just want to thank my lovely Grand Mother for helping me with this DIY. If she wasn’t with me then I wouldn’t be able to do this alone. So I’m very thank full for her. Love you granny! mwaps!

So thank you for reading this blog. I hope that you guys will always be there to read my future blogs and DIY’s. I am hoping that you will support me thru my blogging journey. 

Advance Happy Mother’s Day to all mother’s around the universe!