I’m turning 15!

   Hooray I’m turning fifteen!! *woop woop*

   And guess what? I still have no plans, at all! YAAY!

I think I’m already use to it, having no plans while my birthday is coming soon. Baka dito nalang siguro ako sa bahay, I’ll just watch random movies or korean dramas/variety shows and eat foods hehe. 

Me and my family usually go out the house and celebrate somewhere or sometimes we go to Laguna and swim there but this past few days, I don’t hear anything from them like ‘why don’t we go to …. or ….. or just …..’ I don’t here things like that. My mom usually decides when and where we will go. I am not the one who’ll decide, yes sad life. But that doesn’t make me sad dahil nga sanay na ko. It’s fine with me not to celebrate my birthday since we are currently having some financial problems but Thank God, we were still able to continue our lives happily and comfortably. 

If my mom would allow me to decide what/where/when/how am I going to celebrate my birthday, I’d love to celebrate with my friends since I have been celebrating my past birthdays with my family.  

Me and my friend Andee are planning to go to Star City (again for me, and yes I’m still not yet tired going in that place *as you may know my recent blog post was about star city hehe*). I’d love to bring my friends there since it’s really fun to go to amusement parks with your friends, specially kapag may kaibigan kang hindi pa nakakapunta sa star city. I would like her to ride all the rides so that she’ll be able to experience it all with me, wow goals.  

BUT, yun ay kung papayagan ako or if my mom would ask me how would I like to celebrate my birthday. If not, then I’ll just hang myself *kidding* I won’t ever do that, I love my boring life! 

If ever na walang maganap or mangyari sa birthday ko, I will still Thank God for giving me another year of life. Blessing nadin yun no, magrereklamo pa ba ko? hahaha of course not. Syempre dapat magpasalamat padin ako no kahit na walang celebration na magaganap I still have my family and friends as a gift from him kaya no need to complain.

And if ever na wala ngang magaganap then tuloy ang chill time ko sa bahay haha lols OR maybe, I will invite my friends nalang here sa bahay and we will chill together forever oopps wala nga palang forever. 

So that is all for today’s blog and I hope you are having a great day spending with your family and friends. Always remember that you guys are blessed!